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What's the app named on the iPhone home screen?

The name shown under the icon is simply Speed Dial.

Why do I end up in the Apple Phone app after making a call?

Making a phone call (or FaceTime call) requires the Apple Phone app to be run, since it's the only app which can actually do the calling. Unfortunately, iOS doesn't currently return the user to the original app after the call is finished. This is unavoidable and is true of all dialer apps, and indeed any app that makes a phone call. Hopefully this will change in the future, but only Apple can make that change.

Why do I only see outgoing calls in the call history?

The call history only shows outgoing calls at present, and only for calls made from Cool Photo Speed Dial, because third-party apps aren't allowed to read the iPhone's full call history (for privacy reasons). This is true of all apps. Hopefully this will change in the future, but only Apple can make that change.

When will Visual Voicemail be supported?

The Visual Voicemail system uses custom, proprietary protocols which differ between telcos/carriers. Efforts are underway to obtain information and documentation about those protocols, in order to deliver Visual Voicemail in a future version of Cool Photo Speed Dial. There are also ongoing efforts to standardize Visual Voicemail systems worldwide, which would help a lot. No specific date can be given, but Visual Voicemail support will definitely happen, eventually.

My voicemail doesn't work (in Malaysia)!

In a small number of rare cases, such as some telcos/carriers in Malaysia, the voicemail phone number contains a star (*) or pound/hash (#) symbol. Third-party apps are not allowed to dial phone numbers with such symbols in them. Therefore, in those cases Cool Photo Speed Dial cannot dial your voicemail number. Nothing can be done to solve this problem, unless Apple changes the rules regarding dialing phone numbers containing those symbols (which is unlikely). Note that this issue only applies to a very small number of obscure telcos, and does not affect users in the USA, Canada, England and so on.

My contacts are doubled up!

Seeing duplicated contacts probably means you have 2 sets of contacts from different sources, such as having both iCloud-synchronized and local-to-your-computer contacts at the same time. It is strongly recommend that you back up your contacts before trying to solve such issues, in case you end up deleting the wrong ones. If you have 2 or more iCloud accounts, you will want to remove your contacts from all but your main account, which is best done in the Contacts app because it will allow you to separate the 2 different sources (tap the Groups button).

My contacts have all disappeared!

An empty contacts database probably indicates a synchronization issue with iCloud, and is not specific to Cool Photo Speed Dial – it will affect all apps on your phone. Some things to try if this happens include turning contact syncing off and then on again in the Settings app (waiting a minute inbetween), restarting your phone, and re-syncing with iTunes on your computer. In the worst case, it may be that your contacts have actually been deleted in the cloud. If you don't have a backup of your contacts to restore, we can only suggest searching the web for help on this issue. You could also visit your local Apple retail store and ask for help.

How do I change the name sorting order in the Contacts list?

Name sorting order is a global setting on iOS, set in the Settings app under Mail, Contacts & Calendars. After changing it you'll need to kill and re-launch Cool Photo Speed Dial for the new setting to take effect. To do that, double tap the home button, then tap and hold on Cool Photo Speed Dial, then tap the red kill button. Or you could simply restart your phone.

How do I set a photo?

Simply show a contact's details, then tap Edit, tap on the "add photo" area, and choose the photo you want (or take a photo right then). You'll then be able to zoom and pan around the photo to get the view looking just right. For step by step instructions and some additional tips & tricks, see the tutorial on setting photos.

When I take a photo, why isn't it added to the camera roll?

That's a choice/limitation of the Apple system libraries. It's been reported to Apple, and a fix may be delivered in a future iOS version. For now, if you want to keep the photo in your photo library as well as setting it for a contact, you'll need to take the photo using the Camera app, then choose it for the contact within Cool Photo Speed Dial.

Why can't I pan and zoom when I set a photo?

Panning and zooming when setting photos requires iOS 4.1 or later. Upgrade by using iTunes on your computer.

Why is the photo setter/editor blurry?

The photo setter/editor is blurry on older iPhone models for photos of very high resolution. This is due to limited memory size – the phone doesn't have enough memory to decode the entire large photo, so it decodes a much lower resolution "preview" version. Since the low-res version is often unacceptable, you'll probably want to create a medium resolution version of the photo on your computer and use that.

What's the best resolution for a photo?

Cool Photo Speed Dial will work with any resolution, and uses high quality image resizing to get good results in almost all cases. For the best possible image quality, use images of at least 640x640 pixels, unless you'll only be using them in the Contacts list in which case 96x96 pixels is fine (so logo images taken from web sites usually work well). Photos of 2 megapixels or more will allow a good level of zooming to get the view just right, without sacrificing detail. Don't be afraid to use large photos – Cool Photo Speed Dial caches the resized result at various sizes, so using a large photo won't hurt performance.

Why can't I see/set custom ringtones?

Seeing custom ringtones requires iOS 4.2 or later. Setting custom ringtones is not currently supported by iOS for third-party apps, but is likely to be added in a future iOS version. For now, you'll have to use the Contacts app to actually set custom ringtones. You can set unique, but non-custom, ringtones within Cool Photo Speed Dial.

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