Surplus Sales

lighterra_surplus is the eBay account through which Lighterra disposes of surplus computer hardware and software, giving it a second life with somebody else.

Lighterra's eBay history goes back to 1998, with an exemplary record and hundreds of satisfied customers, and even before that with sales over the Usenet newsgroups. When you buy surplus equipment from Lighterra, you can be sure it's been well cared for during its lifetime and is in good, reliable condition.

With so much waste in the world today, it's always great to see old computer hardware live on again in the hands of somebody else, rather than being consigned to the scrap heap.

Please feel free to check out Lighterra's eBay seller account to see any items currently for sale.

Selected Past Sales

Sun rack server SGI Octane workstation SGI IRIX software Apple PowerBook laptop
DIMMs (RAM) ASUS motherboard SeriTek PCI card WD Raptor hard disk
Panasonic camcorder Sun Ultra workstation SGI Indigo-2 workstation Sun SuperSPARC processors