MythTV Channel Icons
for Australia

The Linux-based MythTV DVR software provides support for the DVB-T digital TV system used in Australia, but doesn't supply a suitable set of channel icons. TV guide fetching systems such as Shepherd provide icons of only mediocre quality. Even the few high-quality options that are available, such as Ash Kyd's icons, are still somewhat unsatisfactory in that they're "stylized" and different from the real channel logos.

Here is a set of high-quality channel icons. They have been sourced as the best-looking version of each channel's logo, taken from the web sites of the various channels or from Wikipedia, and tuned to the size required for MythTV (132x99), with nice, clean, antialiased edges to a transparent background, but without changing any colours or shapes...

ABC 1 ABC 2 ABC 3 ABC News 24
7 7 Two 7mate 4Me
9 Gem Go eXtra
Ten One 11 SC Ten
SBS One SBS Two Prime NBN

NOTE: The above logos are copyright to their respective channels and used here under fair use.


Compressed tarball, 157 KB


Simply download the above compressed tar file, then run:

bzcat mythtvchannelicons-201207.tar.bz2 | tar -xf -
cd mythtvchannelicons-201207

Enjoy :-)

Common Problems

The most common installation problem is that the install script cannot connect to your MySQL database to set the icons in the MythTV MySQL channel table. This probably means you need to have a .my.cnf MySQL config file in your home directory along the lines of...


Another common problem is that the channel icons keep being replaced whenever your system fetches new TV guide data using Shepherd. To fix this, you'll need to reconfigure Shepherd to not download and "update" the channel icons. Simply run...

~/.shepherd/tv_grab_au --set-icons

and tell it to use no theme (0), then reinstall the good icons (see above).

No Technical Support

No technical support is provided for these icons. They are provided strictly on an "as is" basis. If you have an installation problem with your particular MythTV setup, no help can be offered. There are simply too many users, with too many different configurations, to reasonably support you all at no cost, sorry.