MP4ify is a utility to convert QuickTime MPEG-4/H.264 .mov files into the more standard .mp4 container format.

Although the MP4 container format is actually based on the QuickTime file format, there are small, technical differences. Converting to the MP4 format makes video files more widely usable, especially on non-Apple systems. To quote Wikipedia: "MP4, being an international standard, has more support. This is especially true on hardware devices, such as the Sony PSP and various DVD players. On the software side, most DirectShow and Video for Windows codec packs include an MP4 parser, but not one for MOV."


MP4ify is an AppleScript droplet. Simply drop .mov files onto it, and it will convert them to MP4 using either FFmpeg (if installed) or QuickTime Player 7. In either case, "passthrough" options are used to re-export the raw video and audio data, unchanged, simply repackaged into the .mp4 container format. No re-encoding occurs, so the conversion is fast. The original .mov file is then deleted, leaving only the new .mp4 file.

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System Requirements

Requires an Intel-based Mac running OS X 10.4 or later, and either the FFmpeg command-line utility to be installed (typically in /usr/local/bin) or a QuickTime Pro license (US$29 at the Apple online store) and QuickTime Player 7 to be installed (optional install on OS X 10.6+, or use the above link).

Common Problems

If you're having trouble using MPEG-4/H.264 video files on a particular device even after converting them to .mp4 with this utility, chances are it has nothing to do with the .mp4 container format. Most likely it's the raw video data itself which is the problem. The MP4ify utility does not change the raw video or audio data.

Many devices can only play a subset of the full H.264 format, and only up to a certain resolution and bitrate, so you'll need to look into re-encoding your video files to use only the resolution, bitrate and features supported on your particular device. You may want to try using HandBrake, which provides safe, good-quality presets for a variety of popular devices. Naturally, re-encoding the video will be much slower, and there will also be some loss of quality (just like opening and re-saving a JPEG image, an MP3 audio file, or any other lossy format).

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