The following names are trademarks or registered trademarks of Lighterra Pty Ltd...

  1. BandwidthDetect
  2. Cool Photo Speed Dial
  3. EmbedVideo
  4. gs-gui
  5. HostEverywhere
  6. idleize
  7. IGE
  8. Internet Config Dump
  9. istring
  10. JasonsScripts
  11. Lighterra
  12. linkcheck
  1. linkdir
  2. macrestoxpm
  3. Memory++
  4. MP4ify
  5. myfsel
  6. PattoSoft
  7. pkgmake
  8. tgxres
  9. Threads++
  10. Timerz
  11. VGO
  12. XCloseColors

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Lighterra, VGO and Threads++ are trademarks of Lighterra Pty Ltd.

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